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Creation of customized wine and spirits lists for restaurants, wine shops, wine bars, and hotels. A deep research work based on the identity and aesthetics of the place, its customers, and its cuisine.

The goal is to propose an ad hoc solution that includes the selection of wines and spirits, staff training, price suggestions and the creation of an effective and rich value-added work style.

The lists are reassessed regularly to be suitable for the pursuit of customer pleasure and the commercial effectiveness of the venue, with particular attention to stock management, to ensure a streamlined and effective cellar.

Realization that starts from the selection of suppliers. Great attention to selected winemakers who represent the excellence of Italian and international viticulture. They work the land with respect and love, often for many generations. Their wines are made in symbiosis with the ecosystem, a meticulous work to express the taste and originality of the place. Most of them grow in a biological or biodynamic regime which allows enhancing all the characteristics of the different terroirs.

Clearly, the rare wineries are joined by the wine jewels and the stars of tomorrow, the great wine houses.

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